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Deep Relaxation craniosacral therapy is a profoundly gentle touch therapy that relaxes mind and body.  Craniosacral Therapy helps you gently still the mind and unwind anxiety, injury and trauma from the body so you can discover your own natural blueprint of health and wellness. A tried and tested gentle and non-manipulative fully-clothed touch therapy with over a century of efficacy from newborns to the elderly,  Veronica can support you with tools that offer measurable results.  

“I have lots of energy when I wake up and I don’t need to sleep as much. But most importantly I don’t suffer from migraines anymore, which I suffered from for 10-15 years”

Chrissy's Experience

“I don’t have the words to describe how I feel but it’s amazing. I’m a completely different person to who I was a year ago. I’m me and it’s amazing!

Lana's Experience

“After the treatment for the first time in months, I genuinely felt myself. Which was amazing!”

The Leat Family Experience

Are you ready to say goodbye to stress & hello to HAPPY?


"My life is hectic managing my retail stores and my business career.  Last week I had a one-on-one relaxing coaching session with Veronica Farmer and for the first time in ages I truely believe I relaxed and focused on a space that was absolutely bliss. Calming without a care of the dramas of a disproportionate work/life balance.  Highly recommended!"

Brendon Telfer

Executive Performance Consultant and multiple Retail store owner

"Veronica is an angel in human form.  She has the uncanny ability to reset your mind and soothe your feelings with her voice and guided touch.  I highly recommend her craniosacral therapy sessions as a way to relive anxiety and improve clarity of thought."

Sarah Yip


"I thoroughly enjoyed my session at Angels Rest. My hip is feeling much better and I am using the relaxation exercise you gave me to re-energize myself after working with my patients." 

Carleen Absalom

Mid Central Health

"Anyone who has experienced an eye twitching knows how annoying it can be.  As a photographer, I was perplexed about my body's reaction to what I thought were stressful situations.  I am so grateful I talked to Veronica about it and after only 45 minutes of therapy she was able to relieve my body of unnecessary stress.  I can now say that should those pesky spasms return I have complete awareness of what to do to eliminate tension and continue doing what I love most, smile &click! 

Michele Pocknee

Chicoz Photography

"Thank you so much for a lovely session.  I am a new person and this week I have not been stressing although this week has been very full-on - so thank you very much! :)" 

Melinda Bourne


"Feeling really good.  Thank you again! A real sense of nurturing my body and soul." 

Jiveny Blair-West