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Be an EMPOWERED and much Happer YOU! 

Every thought you have travels through your body and creates a conscious or subconscious body response. Thoughts that carry emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual energy produce biological responses that are stored deep in cellular memory.  In this way, our life stories are woven into our biological systems, gradually, slowly, every day.
I often see clients who are creating physical symptoms on the back of old emotional trauma. Difficult family or personal relationships and work stress can create havoc for the mind, body and soul for people of all ages. Before a physical illness appears, energy indicators such as feeling exhausted, escaping into unhelpful behaviours, having a lack of interest in everyday life or spiralling into depression are clear indicators that our vitality is leaking away as we allow life stories to harm our biology.  
As an Intuitive Healer, I offer a safe and confidential space where you can be heard and gently clean up the often hidden "Junk" stories held in your tissues creating discomfort and keeping you away from profound health and wellbeing.  I can read the stories of your body to help you see WHY you are not in your full POWER and give you actionable tools to lay these stories down using deeply calming psycho-hypnotherapy.  With 15 years experience working with clients from newborns to the elderly, world-class athletes, celebrities and people all over the world remotely or face- to face, I can help you find YOU AGAIN! 

In-Clinic sessions, Zoom readings, and employee Stress Busting workshops all available



Calm overwhelmed minds and bodies. Help your family become happier, more centered and peaceful.  

**FREE Child Treatment with paid Adult Session. 



Identify the root cause of dis-ease and anxiety in mind and body. Become a happier and healthier you!



De-stress, unwind your mind and body with ease for greater health, wellness and better work and life relationships. 

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EAP and Corporate Workshops

We spend more time at work than at home. Making sure we know how to recognise and release from stress triggers makes all the difference in a work environment. Veronica offers engaging and uplifting company workshops to help teams reduce stress and overwhelm so they can have a more rewarding work life and work relationships. Contact Veronica to find out more how your team can explore either individual stress busting sessions (online or face to face) or to organise a team workshop. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to stress & hello to HAPPY?

Healing Session with Veronica

Identify the ROOT CAUSE of dis-ease and anxiety in mind and body with the most gentle and simple therapy THAT WORKS!

If you or someone you care about is suffering from one of these conditions, Veronica's Healing therapies work beautifully...

  • General unhappiness and lethargy

  • Anxiety or overwhelm

  • Irritable gut / food intolerances

  • Insomnia and sleep disorders

  • Attention issues or anxiety in children, teens or adults

  • Emotional imbalances

  • Excess eating / drinking / online screen time

  • Weight that won't shift!


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FREE Child Treatment With Paid Adult Session**


"My life is hectic managing my retail stores and my business career.  Last week I had a one-on-one relaxing coaching session with Veronica Farmer and for the first time in ages I truely believe I relaxed and focused on a space that was absolutely bliss. Calming without a care of the dramas of a disproportionate work/life balance.  Highly recommended!"

Brendon Telfer

Executive Performance Consultant and multiple Retail store owner

"Veronica is an angel in human form.  She has the uncanny ability to reset your mind and soothe your feelings with her voice and guided touch.  I highly recommend her craniosacral therapy sessions as a way to relive anxiety and improve clarity of thought."

Sarah Yip


"I thoroughly enjoyed my session at Angels Rest. My hip is feeling much better and I am using the relaxation exercise you gave me to re-energize myself after working with my patients." 

Carleen Absalom

Mid Central Health

"Anyone who has experienced an eye twitching knows how annoying it can be.  As a photographer, I was perplexed about my body's reaction to what I thought were stressful situations.  I am so grateful I talked to Veronica about it and after only 45 minutes of therapy she was able to relieve my body of unnecessary stress.  I can now say that should those pesky spasms return I have complete awareness of what to do to eliminate tension and continue doing what I love most, smile &click! 

Michele Pocknee

Chicoz Photography

"Thank you so much for a lovely session.  I am a new person and this week I have not been stressing although this week has been very full-on - so thank you very much! :)" 

Melinda Bourne


"Feeling really good.  Thank you again! A real sense of nurturing my body and soul." 

Jiveny Blair-West


**Up to 3 children free under the age of 15 with each paid adult session.