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Made Beautiful by Scars - Transformation Stories

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What to Expect at Your Craniosacral Session

Your craniosacral therapy session takes place in a peaceful private treatment room. Veronica Farmer will talk with you about your body health and general wellness and stress levels.  You remain fully clothed during craniosacral therapy and kept warm and comfortable on a cosy massage couch.

While you lay down and relax, the therapist will make contact with different parts of the body always with a light touch and through various gentle non-manipulative holds at the head, shoulders, neck, back and feet. This hands-on technique allows the therapist to monitor your body’s central nervous system to locate areas of weak fluid flow,  tissue movement or trauma. By locating the weak areas the practitioner can trace through the body to the original source dysfunction, this is why this therapy is so helpful even with very old injuries or trauma.

The treatments are deeply relaxing and create a feeling of warmth and calm through the body. In the areas the therapist is working on you may feel gentle pulsing or heat. Many clients say that they feel deeply peaceful after a session and notice a significant decrease in negative stress levels, pain and increase in general health, enjoyment of life and wellbeing.

Veronica will also guide you on some tools for managing stress outside the clinic, how to live well, move well, eat well and think well to keep the results from the session going!